A method for finding alignment
April 5, 2022

The Red Light/ Green Light Emotional System

Ever notice how responding to someone when you are angry never makes the situation better?…
Or how hiring from a space of overwhelm only seems to lead to more overwhelm down the track?…
Or how it’s near impossible to land a sales call when you are doing it in a state of financial anxiety?
I just recorded a podcast episode explaining this phenomenon and the red light/green light system that will change the way you move through your business, relationships and life.
If you are a practicing alchemist or looking to get into alchemy, this system will also ensure you prevent magic blowing up in your face.

A true but embarrassing story…

A few months back, late at night and overtired, someone left a comment on one of my posts that made me really angry.

I thought they were insulting me and smearing my brand and my blood began to boil.

I was furious and my ego needed to defend itself.

I started to think of all the comebacks and responses I would comment back with to let ‘em have it, as if I were some lawyer preparing a case for a trail.

Luckily for me at the time I was rolling through some mentoring with clients teaching them about the red light/green light system and I decided to sleep on it before responding.

The next morning I woke up, meditated, had a cup of tea and fell back into a relative state of clear thinking and ease.

I decided against commenting back on the post and instead politely emailing the individual to clear the air and make things right (a very different approach to what I had considered doing the night before when I was furious).

I went back to the post to find their comment so that I could reference it in the email and when I did I was both shocked and embarrassed to discover that they had not been insulting me at all…

That they were actually complimenting me.

In my state of tiredness I had misread and misinterpreted the comment.

I was sooooo incredibly grateful in that moment that I hadn’t commented the night before.

Had I done so, I would have likely lost a fan/client and I would have no doubt lost self confidence through the experience.

So here is the basic rule of thumb for the red light/green light system:


RED LIGHT = STOP –  Don’t send the email, don’t get on the sales call, don’t make the investment, don’t hire/fire

GREEN LIGHT = GO! – Send the email, get on the sales call, make the investment, start the project, hire/fire 


Listen to podcast to learn more!


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Something interesting begins to happen when you allow yourself to receive with ease...

You become a ripple

A positive vibration 

To any and all who come into your field 

You trigger people to remember a part of themselves 

That is no thing 

No one 

But everything 

And everyone 

Who does not resist duality

And instead flows in the river, with the river 

Inspiring others to do the same. 

Say it with me: to 👏 give 👏 myself 👏permission 👏 to 👏 receive 👏 is 👏 to 👏 give 👏 everyone 👏 permission 👏 to 👏 do 👏 the 👏 same 


The foundational force of this universe 

For the greatest good of all 

Stronger than any mortal connection #moneymagic #dragon