Facebook Groups: The underdog of marketing tools
January 23, 2017

Facebook Groups

It’s no secret that Facebook can do amazing things for your business. More and more businesses are looking to Facebook ads, and it’s almost impossible to fathom that in 2017 any given business wouldn’t have a Facebook Business Page.

And while Facebook Pages are undoubtedly an asset to any business, there is one majorly powerful marketing tool which continues to be wrongfully underestimated.

Facebook Groups.

Sure, Facebook Business Pages can help businesses and entrepreneurs connect with their customers to an extent, but the main purpose of this tool is to build a brand and promote a product or service, rather than networking or reaching all of your customers. Turn those customers into members and you’ve got yourself a guarantee of reaching everyone you are targeting.

Facebook Groups aid in the most important process between businesses and customers: relationship-building. As an entrepreneur, you can create a community of support, which will in turn build your business. Creating a place where likeminded people who share similar goals come together is more powerful than any website.

While there is a bit of maintenance to be done on these, Groups are actually the best and most cost-effective way (as in, they’re free) to establish yourself as an authority or expert in your particular field. You can use that authority to build trust and connections. The audience will eventually purchase your product or service as a natural extension of that relationship.

Facebook Groups are less about quantity and more about quality. They’re about interaction, asking and answering engaging questions and even creating a sense of exclusivity. In fact, a smart marketing trick is to include group membership as a bonus in an offer you’re presenting to potential customers.

Through this type of interaction, you’ll find you can easily:

  • gain invaluable insights
  • fine-tune your product or service and consequently your marketing message
  • grow your email list
  • even gain new clients

The bottom line is that a Facebook Group can fill a specific need which isn’t met by a personal profile or a business page. It creates organic exposure for your brand and gives your business a level of credibility that is entirely unmatched by any other Facebook marketing tool.

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