Facebook’s Gift to Small Business: Local Awareness Ads
January 23, 2016


For years, NZ business owners trying to promote their small local business on Facebook struggled with targeting.


Even with all the Interest or demographic segmenting, localising ads was near impossible and the result was a Grey Lynn shop promoting ads to South Auckland just to ensure adequate reach of message. The experience has been – for the most part – a grim one.

But Facebook recently rolled out their Local Awareness Ads and these are now available in NZ! Can I get a Hallelujah!

How It Works

Local Awareness ads allow hyper-local targeting of potential customers that live in or have recently visited the area around your business location, starting as small as a one-mile radius (Facebook is American after-all). This is based on mobile geo-location targeting so basically means that you can feed your ads to people near your business at any one time.

The drawback of this new feature is the limited segmentation – but hey, we no complain.


Here’s What You can use these Ads for:

  • Send Message. Get private messages directly from your advert in News Feed.
  • Call Now. Get calls from your advert in News Feed and speak directly to potential customers.
  • Get Directions. Let people be guided directly to your location from their phones.
  • Learn More. Send people to any page on your website to give them information.


Who & How You Can Benefit

  • Restaurants – target potential diners around your area with a special offer – run your ads during specific times of the day to coincide with lunch/dinner
  • Retailer – promote your wares and sales to those around your shop
  • Events – drive attendance and raise awareness on the day to your event
  • Realtor – open home listings anyone?
  • Drug dealers… jk – good to see you’re still reading, now here’s how to set it up!


How To Set Up

This is done through your ads Manager and is super easy.

  1. Click “Create ads” in the Facebook ad manager and click the “Reach people near your business” option. Choose the appropriate page you would like to advertise
  2. Enter the address and choose the radius, age, and gender of your target demographic
  3. Enter budget and lifetime
  4. Select imagery and choose your call to action


Voila! Let the small businesses prosper!

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