Healthy relationships Anna Shilina
Cultivating financial abundance through healthy relationships with Anna Shilina
October 31, 2023

Our relationships form the basis of our financial and mental circumstances. In this interview with coach Anna Shilina we discuss how cultivate financial abundance through healthy relationships, including:

✨ What do the when your spouse or partner has a different money mindset?

✨ How to handle people who trigger us and send us into the reds.

✨ When to stay in a relationship and when to walk away

All this and more discussed on the latest episode. Watch above on Youtube or listen or audio file only below.

Episode Highlights


  • 6:39mins – how our relationships impact our wellbeing and wealth 
  • 7:50mins – numbing and how to navigate these periods of your life
  • 10mins – how many of the patterns playing out in your current relationships are learned from childhood
  • 12mins – the mirror of relationships 
  • 16mins – how to handle a partner or spouse with a different money mindset 
  • 20mins – when to stay and when to walk away from relationships


About Anna Shilina

Anna Shilina  is an author and is best known for her work in the entrepreneurial space supporting visionaries with their mindsets.  She was one of the main coaches we would bring on to support my clients in my last company.  Her work now focuses on empowering entrepreneurs to improve their relationships and she is the Founder of The Relating Academy.



Anna Shilina


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Something interesting begins to happen when you allow yourself to receive with ease...

You become a ripple

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You trigger people to remember a part of themselves 

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Inspiring others to do the same. 

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