Har(money): A guide for stressed achievers
October 1, 2023

Making money isn’t always what it’s cracked out to be.  You reach the pinnacle of your financial desires only to discover that the “ease” and “flow” you thought you’d experience is just not so.

Truth is, most people come into money initially through hard work and stress behind it.  But if it felt hard making the money, it will continue to feel difficult sustaining it.

Here’s a guide on unlocking har(money) for stressed achievers.

Worrying about losing it all…

That we won’t be able to sustain it…

And that growth isn’t accelerating faster than we’d like.


Making Making Money Fun and Easy

The reason why we  experience stress with money is because we have made money the endgame to begin with.

Anytime we make an external condition the benchmark for our own wellbeing, we end up learning, ultimately, that that external thing could never truly be the source of our own alchemy.  The playground of life is one constantly in flux and motion, always changing.  We are all – as far as we can tell, inhabiting a human body for a finite moment of time.  Death is the ultimate antagonist of our tale.

Business is no different.  It consumes a massive part of your focus – often more than a newborn baby.  It is a huge expression and extension of your own energy.  When we are showing up inside of our business stressed and worn out, unfulfilled and panicked, we ultimately don’t add much value to the value exchange.  And because both money and business consume so much focus, when they are awry, they can send our whole world off kilter.  Personal relationships, the relationship we have with ourselves.

And this is one of the biggest reasons why our sense of wellbeing should never be dependent on money or financial growth.  Because your business ultimately reflects you, the reflection in a mirror can never be the one to make the first move.

So until you learn this, you find yourself looped, further frustrated and worried about money.


How to tune back into flow, clarity, and fulfilment

Ok so basically, you lead the way. Sounds good on paper, but it’s the application of it that trips up.

Consider your business an extension of your own physical body, treat it with full trust that when you think of holding something with your hand it moves in the right direction.  A good starting place is to find gratitude once more for what is.  It’s amazing that you have built a business up to help you achieve a financial target you always aspired to.  This should be wildly celebrated.  Every customer and dollar coming in must also be celebrated like a king.  Shift your point of focus away from money while still sustaining affinity with it, and towards creating for yourself and others.  How can you improve the lives of your customers, how can you show them gratitude?

If you cannot get there even through intention, then likely you are inviting yourself to pattern interrupt what you create or the way you create it.

Consider that most things we believe are required for success are not necessary.  We can blunder our way through and still receive.

Ultimately, you will bring the most value to the value exchange (and therefore easily invite money in) when you truly believe and are behind what you’re doing.  It will cost you more money in the long run to remain in structures that compromise your own wellbeing.


Shift creation from ‘for the money’ to ‘because it feels fucking good to do this

Har(money) for stressed achievers


Taking Intentional Actions

You don’t need to burn your world to flames and jump off a cliff, knowing it will make your heart want to explode, to begin to experience really quick shifts in your circumstances.  Simple intentional actions that mirror the version of yourself having it their way.

For example, perhaps you want more time in your day.  This feels like it would give you the breathing space to connect to the ideas that inspire you.  Become intentional in prying back even just one hour here and there.  Spend that time doing things that works with your energy (ex: exercise, sex, meditation, nature, cold plunge).

If you feel shame or pressure from an area in your life, invite the clarity in to know how to pattern interrupt this.  Often shame is easiest released when it is confessed to people.

If there is debt that looms over you and creates psychological pressure (even sutlely), then become intentional in paying off even small sums towards it. (Btw, nothing wrong with debt, I’ve found myself many times in my life with large debt over my head.  When it creates shame or pressure though (something only you will be able to discern), we must find integrity within in. Repayment was the agreement, so this is the easiest way to unbottle that pressure).

Even small actions will have a huge shift in your reality.


Unlocking Har(money)

The utopia of life where everything suddenly lines up to never irritate or unsettle you is a probability I have yet to encounter.  The truth is, if you look for it, you will always find reasons to be stressed.

It’s how we show up in this boiling pot of pressure, that determines the rest.

You can choose to focus on the shortcomings, misgivings, and pressure of it all (the world will definitely end if you lose it all).  Or you can focus on the deep gratitude for how far you have come, despite all your seeming mishaps.  To have a business that helped you achieve a financial target is a celebration in itself.

Now, the next step is combining that with wellbeing.

Just as you’ve already proven to yourself, where there is a will there is a way and this is no different.

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