Attract leads and clients
How to Effortlessy Attract Leads & Clients
October 18, 2023

There is an alchemy to effortlessly attracting leads and clients into your business.

That is counterintuitive to everything they teach you about scaling.

It has nothing to do with how pretty your website is, your posting schedule, strategy or even offers.

Rather it is about the energetics of magnetism.

This alchemy is what has allowed me to grow to seven figures in ways that don’t make sense of paper.


How I Came To Understand The Codes of Magnetism


I started my first business over ten years ago and have since created six businesses.  Three of these were total faceplants, and three of these grew into multi-million dollar companies.  For the longest time I believed that the tactics, posting schedule, or strategies I employed were the reason I had scaled those companies so quickly, but as I began to work with agency owners inside of my previous business, helping them to roll out a lead-generation funnel to attract clients into their business, I quickly realised that there was more to it than just funnels and messaging.

You see, I would give them the exact funnel templates, all the ad copy and even imagery that had worked for my own agency and so many others – and while many of them succeeded, some growing to figures even bigger than what I was experiencing, others seemed to stall or get nowhere.

That’s when I understood that there was a deeper layer to growth, that had nothing to do with aesthetics, how many followers you have, or even the offer, rather is was about the energetics of magnetism.

If you have been following tactics and straiegies to the word, but still find yourself spinning your wheels in the same spot, then listen up, because these eight codes will shift the way you show up and operate in your business.

The Eight Codes to Effortlessly Attracting Leads & Clients into Your Business



Eight Codes to Effortlessly Attract Leads and Clients


These are the eight codes and modules covered inside of Brand Alchemy. 


Code 1 – Foster Affinity with Your Business


Most of us took the risk, stepped into the deep unknown and challenged our comfort zones to start a business with the intention of creating more time, abundance and creative freedom. But what tends to happen, more often than not, is that we become a slave to our business.  Consider this – your business is one of the most important relationships in your life.  It consumes an enormous amount of time, focus and energy, and when we feel frustration, stagnation, or unfulfilled in this relationship it is felt across all dynamics of our lives.

Contrary to popular belief, your business is not here to expand value in customers and clients, rather, the sole function of your business is to expand value (the greens) in YOU!  Once you make this subtle shift, everything changes.


Code 2 – Foster Affinity with Value (aka: Money)


Once you have developed affinity with your business, it’s time to expand value in others and generate revenues.   This module is all about nurturing affinity with value (and therefore money).


Code 3 – Embrace Duality

embrace duality

Most people think that in order to become appealing to soulmate clients they must only present the best side of themselves – the wins, the greens and celebrations. And while these should definitely be shared and celebrated the truth is that to be a human is to experience duality. When we deny or suppress this part of ourselves we actually drive people away. The world does not need more perfect humans.  What it needs is those who are honest about their duality.   Authenticity and magnetism occurs when we embody this duality,


Code 4 – Expand Value in Others

Effortlessly attract leads

Usually, when people hear about expanding value for others they immediately think of adding more things to their offers. More 1:1 calls, more videos, more freebies, more bonuses.  All of these can actually deplete you and drain you of energy if you’re not careful.

Once you have the foundation in place where your business expands your own greens, and your cup if full, it’s easy to expand value in others without compromising your own energy stores.  The key is understanding that the value exchange is always an expansion in greens – this is what your clients ultimately desire, and connecting to these greens, unconditionally is the key to making this happen.


Code 5 – Create with Clairity

Create with Clairity



Code 6 – Foster Affinity to Sales

Make sales pleasurable

Sales is a key process in your business.  You can have the best offer in the world, but if you aren’t telling people about it, or offering it to the world, your bottom line will stagnant.  However, sales doesn’t need to be icky, aggressive or pushy. Through magnetism leads come to you with ease. Making an offer becomes pleasurable when you understand that you are always selling energy – transformation.


Code 7 – Weave a Spell of Success for Clients

Let’s face it, it will be difficult to hold a space of confidence and integrity in your offers and services if clients aren’t getting the transformation they invested in. Ensuring client wins doesn’t need to involve more time, effort or energy on your part, this code explores how to magnify client wins without depleting from your own cup in ways they want to shout it from the rooftop.


Codes 8 – The Compound Effect

compounding results


Join me inside Brand Alchemy for more on becoming magnetic to soulmate leads and clients.  Doors close Oct 23rd

Brand Alchemy




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