How to Pitch and Onboard Lead Gen Clients
May 18, 2018

Not All Lead Gen Clients Are Created Equal

This industry is often one of the best ones to get started with as Lead Gen funnels are fairly “easy” and straightforward to work with. But if you feel like you’re getting stuck inside the Freelancer loop and are facing a bottleneck when it comes to onboarding Lead Gen clients, then below you’ll find a guide for the how to’s when it comes to this specific niche.

Determine your type of client

Not all Lead Gen clients are created equal.

Some will be highly price sensitive.  Others will be easier to onboard at higher price points that can sustain an agency and team.

Those that typically resist agency pricing include: realtors, restaurants, mechanics, & dentists (to name but a few – as this is a generalisation, you can often get some of these across the line at $5K-$10K).

Some of those that can be onboarded at the right price include: solar companies, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, plastic surgeons, franchises, property developers, car dealerships (etc)

Ask yourself, who am I willing to work with? Are they a sole trader or are they a Franchise owner? Are they price sensitive? The last thing you want is to be struggling to onboard your clients at the price you want. Be selective. Choose the clients that are serious about marketing their business and structure your business in a way that works for you.

Create a checklist

This is ideal to have for your sales team or yourself so that that you can screen your potential client to make sure that this will be a perfect situation. Things you should include in your checklist are focused on experience with ads, their objectives, their current lead sources, role allocation within their business etc.

After you have had your initial call with your potential client, you would then do a mystery shop. Are they following up the leads? What’s their communication like? Are they getting in touch with me?

You want to make sure that all of your processes are in place and that they have you covered to avoid compromising yourself your enthusiasm, work ethic and your team.

Identify the Lead’s Existing Sources

Make sure you identify how your prospect is currently attracting leads into their business in your initial call and when you go through the scope with your client so you can set explicit expectations regarding traffic referrals.

Referral based traffic converts are exceptionally high, so if your clients are converting 80% of all leads, make sure to reset their expectations to a Facebook referral level.

If these aren’t set, and your client isn’t aware, you’ll again fall into the trap of compromising your work ethics.

Can they handle the leads and tasks?

This is super important and should be made clear in the initial call. Do your clients have time to call and manage the leads that are coming in. How fast can they follow up a lead? Leads will close a lot higher if they follow up immediately. Can they handle community management of their ads?  Making sure the workload is manageable and again that expectations are set.

To note: Setting the expectations right from the beginning will help build trust between you and your client.

Remember – The one thing you can’t control is the final sale. So take the time to setup your checklist and processes and pitching and onboarding your Lead Gen clients will be a much easier process.

Key points to remember

Not all lead gen clients are created equal. There are those that will be more or less price sensitive

  • Use a checklist to screen leads during your first call and then mystery shop them before pitching them in
  • Be sure to make sure you identify where their current leads are coming from – set expectations around what conversion rates will look like from Facebook traffic
  • Cheap leads does not necessarily equal customers!
  • Be sure to establish who is responsible for the ad community management clearly
  • Be sure to identify if they can handle the level of leads they are requesting
  • Be sure to run checkpoints during the testing phase to optimise campaigns properly
  • Don’t get discouraged by all the talk about Facebook and agency models, stay the course – you are building a skill set very few possess, one that will open up great doors for you down the line!

For more – watch the full training here:


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