If my brain took a selfie, this is what it would look like
August 10, 2023
I have a mind that flips and flops
It doesn’t think in linears but rather jumps from one idea to the next’
I’ll be deep into working on my business and then, quite suddenly, will get the urge to go search up “how do blobfish move around?” (in case you’re wondering they just float).
Some people might call this behaviour ADHD
I dunno, I’ve never been officially diagnosed
But I’m sure the graveyard of GoDaddy domains and a shed full of “dead” inventory from all my spur of the moment ideas that suddenly went cold would agree.
To make matters worse I have a horrible memory, it’s a like a bonafide blackhole, information goes in like a sock in a drier only to be lost forever in time. I can’t tell you what year my kids were born and I’ll probably forget I wrote this post in an hour from now.
If my brain took a selfie it would look like this blobfish, it just floats around and goes wherever the tide flows.
I used to think that this was something I needed to change about myself, a detriment to success
In the entrepreneurial space, coaches be like “tHinK oF yoUr fiVe YeAr vIsiOn”
And I’m like “I don’t even know where I’m going to be next week!”
I pivot and change and move really fast.
I buy truckloads of inventory and then get bored super quickly.
It can be difficult – even frustrating for others to keep up – the neurotypicals
But with the gift of age, I have come to not only accept this part of myself but treasure it.
I now know that my wacky brain is actually my superpower.
I’m not sure I would be half as successful without it.
Plus my forgetfulness means I can read the same books over and over again and still be surprised by their ending – I’m a cheap date in that way.
So if you have a colourful, easily distractible and forgetful mind – don’t beat yourself up for it, treasure that blobfish brain of yours.
It may not be pretty from the outside looking in but it’s way more fun than being a nemo .

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  1. Sean

    Thanks for the reminder… and the permission to be ok with our quirks. I was recently at a medicine journey and I was stressing about “getting out of my head” and “into my body” when the guide said, “Sean, maybe your head is just a really powerful tool. it’s ok to be there.”

    And that permission to be how I was created and to stay in my head was the thing that unlocked my ability to drop into my heart and body.

    Likewise, last year when I was resisting the fact that I might be depressed. Once I finally admitted I might actually be depressed and that it would be ok to take prescription drugs for it… the anxiety and depression noticeably lifted. And then the medicine took it a step further.

    I only had to stay on the prescription for about 6 months because the real work was realizing and admitting that, yes, I could be depressed.

    So much of our struggles are brought on by resisting what is.


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