Magic Source Codes
Magic Source Codes: The Craft of Reality
May 15, 2022

My first book Magic Source Codes is here! 

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As many of you know, I have spent the last two years reinventing myself away from the agency and Facebook advertising space.  It hasn’t been an easy ride and to be honest it’s still a work in progress.

The transformation was spurred on by a depression that had set in letting me know I had outgrown old skin and it brought me to a stage where I actively considered taking my own life – dark days.  Through hundreds of modalities, therapies and even trips to remote monasteries around the world, magic was what helped me to find my own hand again.

By rediscovering the wand that was already firmly placed in my own hands, and understanding how to wield it, I was able to redefine the rules of my life.  More importantly, I was able to find wellbeing again.

I share my journey to the altar in my first book Magic Source Codes dropping this coming July 2022!

I know this is a stretch for many of you, and seems left field from what I used to all be about, but I promise you, if you approach magic with an open heart I promise it will lead to a journey of self discovery like none other.

Magic Source Codes – Discover new tools based on an age-old practice to navigate all areas of life. Magic Source Codes is a guide to the alchemist within, Packed full of practical rituals from my personal grimoire and techniques to accelerate results.


A heartwarming and practical guide to the altar within as told through the author’s story of finding herself at the helm of a multi million dollar company but deeply depressed and how it was that magic helped her to create a life that is at once more cherished and cherishing.

With easy writing and relatable diction, this book aims to demystify the fears and stigmas around magic and passes on to readers an empowering practice of self discovery.

Whether you find yourself in a structure that no longer fulfils you, overwhelmed or confused, or if you are merely curious about what magic has to offer, this revolutionary book holds the answers.



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