What are Sigils & why you should make them
April 22, 2022

You may have been hearing or seeing sigils being thrown around mystic circles, but what are they and why should you seriously consider creating your own.


Sigils are a symbolic representation of intentions, desires, and guidance.  They are often created as glyphic monograms. In the picture below of a post I made, you can see an example of what I mean by symbol.

The practice of creating a sigil is was started by Austin Osman, and the technique was quickly adopted and led to the emergence of chaos magic – a form of simplified magic that heavily integrates and gives preference to psychology and psychics over initiations that require fancy robes and grimoires.  To learn more on chaos magic check out Phil Hine’s book Condensed Chaos.



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Benefits of Creating a Sigil


Anytime we shift our focus towards intentions and desires in a way that feels good in the body (eg: states of flow, play or love), we will greatly enhance the probabilities of those things coming into reality. Such is the power of the human mind.

Many people are able to achieve focused thought towards intention using meditation or journaling alone, but this isn’t the case for everyone.  Once you overcome preconceptions of alchemy and magic, you realise that sigils are a powerful kinaesthetic technique to pull the focus in by engaging the creative faculties of the mind.  This also doubles as a way to get you into a state of flow – one to the high alchemy states.


How to Create a Sigil

The cool news about sigils is they can take on almost any kinesthetic or tactile experience you desire – from molding clay balls through to body paint on yourself or a sexual partner.  What are materials that help you step into flow – wood, paper, sketches, ice, dirt and plants?

Customise your own practice to your own understanding of your preferences and learning modalities.

Below is an example of a sigil created using wood disks. 


Step 1 – Write out intention 


The first step is to write down the intention or desire or point of focus/illumination.  For example in the picture below you can see the desired charge was to attract community and accountability.  You then create a monogram using the letters.  A glyphic symbol – ironically the one in the example below ended up looking somewhat like Bitcoin lol.


Step 2 – Determine medium 

Again this is where you get to decide what material you want to work it – “none” is also a valid answer.  Once you have drawn out your sigil it is enough to simply go through a process of “charging” it and leave it at that.

“Charging” is when you try to place your focus on the sigil at a moment of altered consciousness – what is referred to as “gnosis” in the world of alchemy.

Below are examples of how I created a bunch of sigils for members of a coven using wooden disks and air dry clay. For me I like to work with wood because it is part of nature and I always find myself calmest and most at ease around nature so using this energy in my conjurings “hacks” my own subconscious.

The wood used for the disks came from a tree in my own yard that had fallen naturally.


I like to work with elements of nature, such as wood, in my conjurings because I always find myself most at ease in nature


Gave them two coats of spray coats once sanded

I coated them with resin to finish off


Step 3 – Charge the sigil  


Charging a sigil just means imprinting the intent by placing your focus on the sigil during a moment of altered consciousness.  Altered consciousness can be achieved most commonly through the following four ways:

  1. sensory deprivation – such as meditation, float tanks (bring the sigil to mind and find the moment in spacetime when it has delivered)…read more on using the occult for deep focus 
  2. sensory overload – such as multi-tasking, a busy street or arcade, drugs and psychedelics, pathworkings
  3. orgasm – at the moment of orgasm bring the sigil to mind…


You can learn more about charging sigils through the book Condensed Chaos by occultist author Phil Hine or Liber Kaos by Peter Carroll.

Below is a guided kundalini pathworking where I take you on an encounter to meet a dancing Dakini.


Step 4 – “Banish”/release the intention 


The second most important ingredient to successful alchemy next to the creative imagination is belief/trust.   This is referred to “banishment” in alchemy, where once a conjuring is done, the magic is released to be taken care of and allowed to do so without your questioning focus.

This is often the hardest part of the whole process.

For this reason place the sigil you have created somewhere relatively out of sight, somewhere you will only cross every so often.

After creating many many sigils and over time your conscious mind will come to forget the meaning of the specific sigils and their corresponding intentions and this is actually a good thing, because your subconscious won’t 😉

This is another reason I strongly recommend you record all your magic in a special journal for this purpose only – so that one day you may reference back what you did and see for yourself in plan sight the power that is you.



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Below is another example of a sigil I created using clay – this one for the book Magic Source Codes that I intend to release soon. I spelled out the intention and then rolled it back up over a piece of paper with the desire written on it. I then carved the sigil over it and stored it away in my box of conjurings.

First I spell out the intention using the clay, then I write it down on a small piece of paper and roll out all the letters into a ball and bury the paper inside.


Completed sigil – once dried I store it away inside a box that I only open every so often


For more on magic download the free practical guide to magic >> 


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