Nothing scary about Magic
June 8, 2022
Almost everyday I get warned by well intentioned people of the risks of practicing magic, so I wanted to take a moment to clarify what magic is to dispel some of the fear around the practice.
Magic, to me, is the ability to craft the physical from the non physical. Let me explain…
All around us, billions of vibrations hit our nervous systems at any given moment. Radio waves, electromagnetism, ultra-violet, sound etc.
From the dawn of time, ancient humans have sought to use these vibrations as means of changing or altering our physical realities.
Back then we used methods of altered consciousness for divination, these days we use wi-fi radio waves to search Google…
Back then we used chanting to raise the energy within the body and heal, these days we use high frequency ultrasound waves to cure cancer…
We use technology to control, harness, and manage the non physical to help us: heal, grow, learn, change perspectives, build, expand. All day everyday.
Complicit magicians without even realising it.
If you were to tell an early human trying to find their way back home that in 2022 we use microwave frequencies to navigate the globe (GPS), they would call this MAGIC.
If you were to tell an Ancient Egyptian trying to evoke a loved one that in 2022 we can facetime someone across the world with virtually no lag – they would call this MAGIC.
Unfortunately, most of us only know how to engage magic intentionally through the technology we use.
Technology that we have normalised – forgetting all the while that it is very odd indeed that you are able to read these words even though we are not in the same time, space or place.
The human body, more specifically, our mind, is the ultimate magic wand because it it us who invented theses technologies. It is us who invented phones, not the other way around.
We are therefore, inherently more capable than any of the technologies created. Hitler’s words, for example, unleashed more destruction than the atom bomb of Hiroshima.
But we have never really been told this.
Instead, we are bred and led to believe that the physical reality is the real truth of how things are, that technology is just science, and that our ability to change the physical is mostly achieved through hard work and action.
We aren’t being told that we have, innate within us, all the tools of the craft of magic – of changing matter through mind, of altering reality itself.
That we are actually here to play with the non physical in this way, to craft from it.
If this were not the case, if magic were dangerous or something sinful, then we would not have been equipped with a prefrontal cortex – ie: an imagination, the most powerful tool of the alchemist.
With this engine, we can invoke perspectives, ideas, and summon solutions changing the chemical and vibrational makeup of our physical bodies through thought alone.
Think of a hot person and you will alchemise endorphines (and maybe even make something physically hard lol)
Think of a tax bill and your serotonin levels will drop, cortisol will pump out.
We are living, breathing, walking routers here to alchemise the nonphysical.
And so, the work of the magician, is first and foremost to remember ourselves as the ultimate embodiment of a magical wand.
A vehicle of vibrational transmutation.
And to then discover our true uncorrupted will and fulfill its desires.
When you understand magic as a process of creation – which happens regardless if we acknowledge it or not – it suddenly doesn’t seem half as scary anymore 😉
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