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How to Effortlessy Attract Leads & Clients

How to Effortlessy Attract Leads & Clients

There is an alchemy to effortlessly attracting leads and clients into your business. That is counterintuitive to everything they teach you about scaling. It has nothing to do with how pretty your website is, your posting schedule, strategy or even offers. Rather it is...

10 Books to Boost Your Money Mindset

10 Books to Boost Your Money Mindset

They say that a book is one long spell by the end of which transforms the reader into a new person.  Our financial circumstances are the result of the amalgamation of the stories we have been told about this resource and these books will help you to get back into...

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Like how did I not see it 🙄  #guided #universehasmyback #spiritualmeme #clarity
Something interesting begins to happen when you allow yourself to receive with ease...

You become a ripple

A positive vibration 

To any and all who come into your field 

You trigger people to remember a part of themselves 

That is no thing 

No one 

But everything 

And everyone 

Who does not resist duality

And instead flows in the river, with the river 

Inspiring others to do the same. 

Say it with me: to 👏 give 👏 myself 👏permission 👏 to 👏 receive 👏 is 👏 to 👏 give 👏 everyone 👏 permission 👏 to 👏 do 👏 the 👏 same 


The foundational force of this universe 

For the greatest good of all 

Stronger than any mortal connection #moneymagic #dragon
My path of least resistance knows best ✨
RIP 🪦 another added to the graveyard of domains. 

#flowprotocols  #willferrellmeme #multipassionate
Most of us are so fixated on the money we don’t have, on the wealth that isn’t acquired yet, that we completely neglect to notice how wildly abundant a twenty-first century life already is.

A simple, yet powerful, exercise to help you intentionally shift your focus away from a present reality of lack and scarcity is to shift your focus towards the abundance already existing all around you, to notice it in its physical manifestation.

The next time you walk into your grocery store, really take a moment to marvel at all the choices available to you. Walk through the aisles in wonder and awe for all the options.

The next time you take a hot shower, take note of how lucky you are to have this experience.

The next time you step outside, notice how abundant the air is. Something that your entire being depends on, yet you never really give it much of a second thought.

I am pretty certain a three-thousand year old reincarnated version of yourself is pretty impressed by the fact that you are heating your food through a magic box within a few minutes and you have little vessels that whiz you around from vast distances quickly on a daily basis. 

It is only when we come to lose our hot water, or when the shelves of the grocery store are emptied, that we come to appreciate just how fortunate we were when we had these.

But it shouldn’t, and need not, get to the stage of losing it all to find gratitude for that which already exists.

When you have lost affinity to money, and your dragon is nowhere in sight 🐉 go back to the basics and shift your focus to what truly is around you. 

(Excerpt from Money Magic) 

#moneymagic #abundancemindset #wealthalchemist #moneychallenge
This past year has been a whirlwind of growths, pivots and shifts for many of us, myself included. 

For starters, I published my second book and finally took my writing much more seriously.  I experienced heartbreak and random natural catastrophe and moments where I was disconnected from purpose and flow. 

All of it has served me in ways I could never have imagined, deepening my understanding of money and forever shifting the way I show up in my business. 

In my latest episode I talk about the two biggest money mindset shifts that I’ve experienced over the past year and how you can integrate these into your own life. 

These are: 

#1 🟢 shifting the way I see the sole function of my business and to engage with it in a way that aims to enhance my own well-being. 

#2 🟢 removing the condition that I need to be in green to receive money. I can still be supported and receive even when I’m heartbroken or disconnected from purpose. 

Comment MINDSET and I’ll send you link to latest full episode for more on the above 🎙


#moneymindset #moneymagic #abundancemindset #businesspodcast #entrepreneurlife
You are inherently worthy of money and here’s why 💰🤑👇🏽

Money is a human construct, it does not exist in nature and is invented by the human mind.

Meaning, you are the one who creates money.

And the creator is ALWAYS worthy of what they create.

There is nothing inherently missing from you that makes you unworthy of cash, nothing that prevents you from having money.

You ARE money.

And therefore so so so worthy of it 

True story #adhdmemes
Excerpt from #moneymagic