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Hey, I’m Cat!

I’m the host of the popular Flow Protocols podcast and the fresh new voice of alchemy. Magic Source Codes is my first book.

With a proven track record of success, I have helped thousands achieve their goals through the power of the inner craft.

Welcome to the rabbit hole!

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Magic Source Codes
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Magic Source codes
Magic source codes
Magic Source Codes

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The Hunt for the Witch

The Hunt for the Witch

Special episode reveals the truth about the infamous hunt for the witch. For many, the word “witch” is synonymous to pacts with the devil, pointy black hats, and haggard old women standing over boiling cauldrons of chopped-up children. For centuries, the term was used...

How to Cultivate Playful Millions

How to Cultivate Playful Millions

PURCHASE YOUR TICKET TO MONEY MAGIC >>> A Guide on How to Cultivate Playful Millions TRANSCRIPT My journey with money has been a rollercoaster to say the least. From growing up in scarcity and feeling the financial anxiety that my parents experienced paying...

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