Portal Jumps
Retroactive enchantments & portal jumps
December 17, 2022
⁣An exploration of retroactive enchantments & how to create portal jumps through time.

The Riddle of Time

We want freedom of time⁣
Yet never seem to have enough of it. ⁣
We speak of divine timing ⁣
But we want what we want now.⁣
We try to collapse timelines ⁣
But continue to spin our wheels⁣
And so we dream: ⁣
If only we had more time⁣
If only it didn’t escape us ⁣
If only it didn’t go so slow.⁣
Not even realising that when we dream, we time travel.⁣
We reminisce on the past and our anxious of the future. ⁣
It is the superpower of the human. ⁣
But it can feel painful to be a dreamer. ⁣
To have desires and a dissonance existing within our current circumstances ⁣
This week marked my first workshop on time: Portal Jumps.⁣
An exploration on the was, is, and will be through the lens of alchemy. ⁣
How we leave our human body, but that this can create a lot of resistance in the body when it is left behind in reds. ⁣
It no longer feels safe in the now. ⁣
And when the body does not feel safe, we pinch off receiving on the physical plane. ⁣

Retroactive Enchantments


Retroactive enchantment is a form of spellwork that allows alchemists to intentionally work across timelines. ⁣
It’s a term I learned from the forefather of chaos magic Peter Carroll in his book Liber Khaos. ⁣
Reality is like a web, and when you pluck one string of time, the ripple is felt across all directions. ⁣
For example – what would you tell the version of yourself ten years ago of what you now know, what love and support would you show them?⁣
What if a future version of your self could do the very same for you today? ⁣
Last month I whispered into the ear of 18 year old version of me who was trying to slit her wrists and told her not to go too deep, that it all gets better and better soon enough in time. I understood at that moment that this was what had happened on that beach that night. A time traveling angel experienced as love. ⁣
Check out a guided retroactive illumination meditation to help you enchant a past timeline or experience.
If you would like to access replays of full workshop and more join me inside the Starseed Coven >> 


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