Demystifying rituals
Rituals Demystified
January 16, 2022


Since sharing my recent post on the occult, I wanted to illustrate an example of what a magic ritual looks like to satiate the curiosity and dispel any fears.


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In the picture above is a blue candle, a knife and a small token from nature. ⁣
I often use flowers or branches or involve nature in most of my rituals because I have found her energy to be especially calming to me and beautiful to work with. Every time I am in nature I feel reconnected to myself. This is probably the most “woo woo” part of the ritual. ⁣

Step 1  

I will usually spend some time lighting Palo Incense and sweeping this across the room. I do it because it is a way for me to get my head in the game. It’s basically setting the mood for the scene. ⁣

Step 2

I will inscribe my intention into the candle. Perhaps I want to slip into the perspective of a desired end result, or maybe just take my mind somewhere calm and safe for a while.⁣ I have different worlds in my imagination I can slip into. I know that sounds crazy but isn’t it sad that most adults have lost the capacity to imagine?

Step 3

I burn the candle, sit across from it and meditate on the intention while I watch the flame. The flame allows me to keep my focus.⁣
I work simply with the energy of nature and my own mind and using rituals as a way to create a tactile meditative experience.⁣
There is no spirit or demon worshipping.
The reality is that the rituals and spells hold no magic themselves, everything has to do with you
Ask yourself,,,When’s the last time you sat in silence with yourself for half and hour? What about an hour? ⁣
Did you know that doing this will literally change your life?⁣
It’s mind bending once you channel your thoughts towards things that are authentically in integrity to you how you can unlock a deeper sense of well-being. ⁣
Magic ritual blue candle spell
The reality is that the rituals and spells hold no magic themselves, everything has to do with you. ⁣
If you are open minded to these ideas and seek activities that can garner more participation from your mind then give it a go, it’s not complicated and you’ll likely benefit greatly as have I.
PS – they are incredibly useful to helping to foster focus and meditation in young children who (like many entrepreneurs) struggle to sit still for long periods.
They are now a normal part of my week, it may be strange to some but it’s magic to me.
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