The secret magic of gardening

How gardening and plants helped me to rediscover the present moment
There’s a lot of things that plants and nature helped me with when I was going through a hard time last year.
For starters, plants taught me the elusive and tricky art of appreciating the present moment.
You see, at the time I had become so consumed with chasing the things and outcomes and experiences that I was no longer enjoying the now, which was instead filled with worries and plans and plotting and strategies.
I was addicted to the thrills and pleasure new money could buy and some unresolved festering insecurities meant I was living in a world of lack and fears.

Magic in Gardening

As I started to garden I became mesmerised in watching the tap root of a seed unbuckle from its tiny unassuming shell, inside it the most prized recipe of the universe – the code of life. I realised it was the actual gardening itself that made the rewards of a mature plant so worthwhile. Kind of like parenting I guess – the real joy comes in the raising of the children or being a part of their lives and not in getting some 45 year old man delivered to your door step ready to be your new son!
The journey is the fun part. The outcomes are the short-lived dopamine hits that always wash away eventually.
There’s nothing wrong with having goals or desires, without them there would be no expansion or growth. Likewise, there’s nothing wrong with nice cars or private jets or big fat bank accounts and five girlfriends if that’s your jam – but when you look to those things to make you feel some kind of way about life then that’s when you start to thread deep water.

Enjoying the Now

In a way, watching a plant grow is like watching the basic code of reality unfold before your very eyes. For some reason it gave me the perspective that I needed to get through during that tough time. Green, green, green, my city house became a country house, which became filled with plants and I was found gumboots deep in a forest staring up into the canopies of trees.
It was the unfurling of a green leaf and the speckled cap of a mushroom growing in the dense forest undertow that reminded me that the universe cannot be anything other than conspiring to look after me and to enjoy the journey.

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