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“The best speaker we’ve ever had! Cat was captivating. Her mind-stretching material, unique presentation style and interaction with the audience, created a conference that people will be talking about for years to come!”

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Share powerful new ways to think and do business with your audience!

Cat has delighted audiences around the world with her humorous and jargon-free presentations. She has an innate ability to engage audiences and bring them to action and is often the highest rated speaker at conferences.

Key Topics Include: Social Media Marketing | Facebook Ads | Agency Life/Entrepreneurship


1. Using Facebook Marketing Funnels to Attract, Compel and Convert Customers

We've all heard the stories of advertisers losing small fortunes to Facebook - without any seeming return. The missing piece of the puzzle can mean the difference between bust to boom!

2. How to Build and Scale Your Agency Running FB Ads for Clients

How agencies can leverage one of the fastest growing trends happening and the processes required to prosper and grow

3. Facebook & Instagram Advertising for Business

A look at the fundamentals of Facebook and Instagram advertising - the algorithm, case studies and getting results