December 21, 2018

When setting up a campaign – Facebook will ask you whether you want to optimise for a 1 day click or a 7 day click 1 day view.

The following posts examines which window to optimise for for optimal campaign results.

What’s the difference?

When you set up a campaign, Facebook automatically defaults to 7 day click.  The 1 day click means that Facebook will optimise for more people that take action and trigger your event within 1 day of click on the day. A 7 day click 1 day view means that Facebook will optimise for more people that take action within 7 days of clicking your ad and seeing it within 7 days.

Basically, once you have run enough data through your funnel, if you notice that most of your conversions take place within a 1 day attribution frame (you can check this by clicking on your Reporting Columns > Customise Columns > bottom right you will see “Comparing Windows” > select the attribution windows you’d like to check), then the logic goes that you should be optimising for that window at the ad set level to improve performance.

What’s Facebook’s Advice?

Facebook pretty much advises you to choose the window based on two things:

  1. the purchase cycle of your product (ie: if you’re selling something that needs consideration then opt for 7 days)
  2. the window that will get you closest to 50 conversions per ad set per week (as this helps their delivery system learn who it’s best to show your ads to)

They advise to run a split test and:  

“You should choose your conversion window based on the type of conversion you value and want to measure. Don’t measure using a conversion window that doesn’t make sense for your product. Your conversion window should help our delivery system get you what you actually want. That being said, there are certain laws of statistical probability we can’t get around. We do need about 50 conversions per week to optimize an ad set’s delivery. If you can’t get that many, we recommend choosing a more common result. If that doesn’t work, try a longer conversion window. We also recommend trying out various relevant combinations of conversion windows, optimization events, bids and budgets to see what works best for your business..”

Can I switch the optimisation any time?

Yes, accordingly to Faecbook, changing your window won’t cause you to lose any conversion data. However, in general, we recommend against changing your conversion window unless you want to measure results using a different attribution window..

Keep in mind when switching conversion windows that we recommend letting the updated ad set run for a few weeks (of about 50 conversions per week) so our delivery system can adjust to it. This gives us time to learn how to best deliver the ad set for the new window. After the adjustment period, we recommend letting the ad set run for at least another week or two so you can see the results with optimized delivery. This is especially important when switching to a longer conversion window since more time needs to pass for us to have all the data.

The Test

We wanted to see if there was a significant difference between the optimistion windows so we set up a split test and dedicated $2,800 to testing. This was for one of our own funnels and the conversion trigger was for an opt in into a free lead magnet. Here are the results below.


Optimizing for 1 day click will result in lower cost per opt-in since Facebook will optimize impressions for people who are likely to take immediate action.

Things to consider:

For this test we are testing 1 Day Click vs. 7 Day Click 1 Day view conversion windows. The results should be valid for TOF lead gen campaigns optimized for opt-in conversions.

Test Structure:

Standard split test (with delivery optimization as the split test variable).

Other ad set settings to note:

Auto placements
Optimization for ad delivery: Conversions
Bid Strategy: Auto (lowest cost)
Conversion event: Lead (standard event)
Delivery Type: Standard

Test 1 Results:

1 Day Click:
CPM: $37.18
CPC (Link): $1.20
CTR(Link): 3.10%
Total Spend: $1,473.95
Cost Per Lead: $5.44

7 Day Click 1 Day View:
CPM: $36.39
CPC (Link): $1.20
CTR(Link): 3.03%
Total Spend: $1,473.95
Cost Per Lead: $5.19

Test 2 Results: 
1 Day Click:
CPM: $29.18
CPC (Link): $3.46
CTR(Link): 0.84%
Total Spend: $601
Cost Per Lead: $23.1.5

7 Day Click 1 Day View:
CPM: $24.19
CPC (Link): $2.66
CTR(Link): 0.91%
Total Spend: $601
Cost Per Lead: $13.98

Statistically significant? Yes

There’s an 86% chance we would get the same winner if we ran this test again.

Final Conclusions:

Using the 7 Day Click 1 Day View conversion window outperformed 1 Day Click in both tests. In test one, 7 Day Click outperformed 1 Day Click by about $0.25 per opt-in but we weren’t able to reach statistical significance before the test ended. In test two, 7 Day Click outperformed 1 Day Click by about $9 per opt-in.

These results were statistically significant.

When you set up a campaign, Facebook automatically defaults to 7 day click.  As a result of this test, we will be continuing to use the default setting for our campaigns, including the ones that usually have 1 day attributions.  


IMPORTANT: this test was run December 2018. If you are reading this and it’s been more than 6 months results may no longer be applicable – FB changes FAST!!!


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