Alchemy of Brand Magnetism
The alchemy of brand magnetism
October 5, 2023

There is an alchemy to creating impact and influence. A tango between founder and business. That has little or nothing to do with the features, offers, pricing, fancy websites or funnels.

Rather it is about the energy from which value is generated.

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What They Don’t Teach You About Branding in School


I spent four years studying business at university in my twenties, and I majored in marketing. So I was definitely exposed to concepts of branding, prospecting, lead generation, getting people to want to buy your stuff.

I learned things like SWOT analysis and business plans and competitor and market research and all that jazz. And side note, I will say I’ve never once used any of those tools in my 10 years of having a business.

When I graduated from university, I really believed that branding and being able to sell to people depended on the color of the button that you used on your website or how nice your logo appeared, or how well put together your Instagram feed was, or your email templates and all of that stuff. Basically the aesthetics of how you present yourself or your business, your products to the world. And what’s funny about that is that when I started my first business, I definitely tried to apply this. So I spent a lot of money trying to be a perfectionist about it.

It was a travel website. I had a very beautiful logo. Everything was aesthetically matching, and I tell you what, that business face planted and flopped so badly.

Now, check this out. My second business, while I had a few years of spinning my wheels on the spot until I hired my first business mentor and got into the mindset, it experienced really, really rapid growth. It made $20 million from the time I hired my business mentor in about three years. But what’s funny about this is that this company had a horrible logo I had designed myself in Word and basic-looking funnels filled with broken links and spelling mistakes.


The logo from an eight figure business – I made it in Word!


I loved it until I didn’t. And then the revenues started to go down. Even though we had all the same funnels, all the same ads, all the same shit, things started to plateau and decline. And so the energy that we show up in our business determines everything. And here’s how this works.


The Sole Function of Your Business


The sole function of your business is to engage in a value exchange that is literally the only function of your business.

But what we’re not taught in school, and certainly what I have never seen a discussion around anywhere really, is that that business exchange, we make the assumption that that businesses exchange is solely with customers and clients when in actual fact, the most important relationship that your business has a value exchange with is with you.

It starts with you.

Think about it, your business is a massive extension and expression of your own energy. Why? Because it consumes so much of your  focus. It consumes sometimes more of your focus than a newborn baby.

Therefore, it is a massive, massive extension of your energy, because where your focus goes is where energy flows. It may as well be a part of your own body.

Now, what I tend to see, and also what I’ve experienced myself through my entrepreneurial journey is that most founders and business owners and entrepreneurs, they show up in resistance to their business or under pressure of their business. So there was a really great quote that I used to say my last company, which was, your business is your bitch, not the other way around. What I tend to see very commonly is that most people are the bitch of their business, not the other way around.


Meaning from the moment they wake up, they’re thinking about to-do lists or the things that aren’t working, they’re frustrated. There’s a lot of pressure and there’s a lot of resistance. They want freedom. Most of us, we take the risk of stepping into an unknown and putting ourselves out there with offers and value. We do that because ultimately we seek freedom. That’s what we want.

We ultimately seek a sense of freedom, and then we feel kind of trapped by what we’ve created. We sometimes work even more than we would have if we had a job.

There’s this funny quote where it’s like when you’re an employee, you’re working 40 hour work weeks. When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re doing 80 hours, and that’s kind of glorified as well, which is sad, right? As if that’s something normal that you should strive to. It’s not. Let me be very, very clear on that.

The Alchemy of Brand Magnetism

I learned that one the hard way as well.

And so this huge dynamic of our lives, which consumes so much of our energy and focus, is often approached or engaged in from a place of red, of pressure, of resistance, of obligation, of frustration, et cetera, et cetera. And because your business is such a big part of your life, such a big expression of your energy, when things feel stressful or pressurized or panicked or it’s not working, you feel this across every dynamic of your life. It has a ripple effect through every other relationship of your life, the one with yourself, the one with your partner or spouse, the one with your children, the one with your friends, et cetera, et cetera.


So it’s baffling to me how this kind of conversation was never broached while I spent four years at university studying this, because what ends up happening is a lot of entrepreneurs either give up, they go get a job, they give up, or they will spend years and years, sometimes entire lifetimes under this energetic dynamic with their business, this thing that just is all consuming to them, and it affects their ultimate ability to experience the freedom that they sought to begin with the value exchange.

Yes, there’s value exchange with customers and clients, but if you’re not prioritizing the most important dynamic of that value exchange, which is the one between you and your business, I promise you, you’re not bringing as much value to clients. And if you want more money, ultimately the equation is very simple. More money equals more value. So the less value you bring to the table, the less money you’re going to make.


We focus so much on the market, on what people want, on how to make them like things, on how to make them comment on our posts or how to make them click on this or add to cart or pleasing this external reality, and we completely neglect ourselves and this really crucial relationship that we have.


The Alchemy Brand Magnetism in Your Business

So how doesbrand magnetism work and specifically in relation to what I’m talking about with this value exchange?

Well, the alchemy is simple, for starters: instead of showing up in your business as this thing that is there to make you money, which a lot of us do.  Most of us started a business to make money, but why do we want money? Because we want freedom. We want confidence. We want the greens, right? We want the expansion of those. We don’t actually care about the money regardless.

We still show up in our business like it’s a vessel to make money instead of, it’s a vessel to help you alchemize wellbeing because your business takes so much of your focus and your energy the moment you make that shift of creation from I am here to serve other people and make transactions happen to this business is here to serve me first.


Everything changes my friend, because again, it’s such a huge part of your life. It’s one of the most important relationships. Your career or your business doesn’t matter when you’re at war with it, when you see it only as a means to an end, it will feel very, very difficult, and you’re going to update your buttons and update your website and get the newest logo done on Fiverr or whatever, and it’s still not going to work. It’s going to feel really, really difficult.


Value is always an expansion of the greens. You’re selling energy. You’re not selling products, you’re not selling features, you’re selling energy to people. You’re selling an expansion of greens. How can you possibly magnetize and attract more people into your business when you yourself are so disconnected from those greens?


It doesn’t work. When we start to operate from the space of my business is a vessel that is here to help me find, play, gratitude, purpose, clarity, suddenly there’s a lot of energy of a huge vibration to bring to that value exchange, and the customers and clients just come. They just come. They show up. I have this happen to me all the time. I went a few months in 2023, so just a few months ago I had a breakup with my partner and it was a really, really difficult time for me, and I was basically doing nothing.

I wasn’t promoting anything. I wasn’t launching anything. I was a couch potato eating all day long, feeling really sorry for myself. That’s basically what happened. I started to feel really guilty. I was like, oh, you’re being lazy. Your business is going to go under. You’re going to be a failure. All these narratives started to happen in my head again, and luckily for me, I’ve been really intentional about understanding and also transmuting my emotional states. And so after a couple of weeks of this, I was able to actually catch myself and go, actually, you know what? I’m just going to focus on feeling really good just on me and continue to allow myself to receive.

I had, I think it was 120% revenue growth that month without selling anything, without putting new offers out. I didn’t post on social media single time that entire month, and yet my revenues grew.



The sole function of your business is to engage in a value exchange. Don’t be mistaken and thinking that value exchange is only with customers and clients because the most important exchange taking place is the one between you and your business.

You start at that level and you will experience huge, huge growths.

For those of you who would like to learn more about how to apply this practically and integrate this into their lives, I invite you to join me in October’s Workshop Brand Alchemy. A two month immersion where I’m going to guide you exactly on how to integrate this and implement this in your business, and you’re going to take things up to a level that you never thought was possible for you.


I’ll  show you how to effortlessly attract leads and clients. I’m going to show you how to amplify client wins. I’m going to show you how to fill your cup and not compromise on your own sense of wellbeing, overcome overwhelm and burnout. I’m going to show you how to build so much affinity when you understand you’re selling energy. You understand you’re in the business of transformation, not transactions, and suddenly sales don’t have as much resistance as they maybe do right now for you.

This is the alchemy of brand magnetism.

You’re going to get into a dance with your business. It’s going to feel really, really great. And the byproduct of that will naturally be you’re going to bring so much value to that value exchange that you will become magnetic to leads and clients, how exactly those leads and clients are going to come to you.

Click HERE to join me inside Brand Alchemy.



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