Three Reasons to Join a Coven
June 23, 2022
A coven is an exclusive group of practicing alchemists/witches. It operates under a shared ethos and behaves more like a family. Here are three reasons every practicing alchemist should join a coven



As you begin to dabble with magic and step into your power, you will begin to observe and experience strange synchronicities, your “spidey senses” will enhance or perk up, premonitions or downloads will occur more often and in such a way that you may begin to question your own sanity. When everyone else around you is so disconnected from their magic, tuning into yours can sometimes feel like a head trip. But there are so many alchemists out there, we are everywhere, both the busker and the one leading million dollar companies. There is also nothing scary about magic.  A coven is a community of individuals who appreciate that there is something deeper to be had with reality.  Members are required to abide by a code of conduct of harm no one which helps to enforce ethics into the practice of magic and there is. shared ethos.

Cat Howell coven



It’s really hard to catch yourself saying “umm” alot until someone tells you or you hear yourself back. Same thing with beliefs. Much of the time we grasp the concepts of alchemy and manifestation but somehow it’s not as easy in our own lives, we are blind to our own blindspots. A coven provides a way to receive feedback from those who are calibrated to how we also wish to play and accelerates learning because – more often than not in life – we are so blind to our own perceptions it requires chaos so that we may see through them.




I wish I could tell you that the world is going through a phase of freaking out right now – about economies and resources and all that pains. But this has been happening since the dawn of humanity – duality. The Romans once swore humanity would be wiped out from a lack of resources within a few hundred years. We’ve been saying we are doomed since language was invented.

Any yet, here we are, despite having awkwardly long and inconvenient gestation periods and senses that are rather dull compared to other species, we persist. Yes, it’s true at any moment an atom bomb could go off and all is destroyed but it’s also true it might not. Until we arrive at this point, we continue to lead our own way. A coven grounds you back to this truth when everyone else around you is panicked.



While it’s true that much of the work of alchemy is done solo, a coven operates under the function to support members in their development of intentional magic, collectively and individually. It exposes its members to the power of group energy.  A coven will try to meet in-person as it is easier to experience this palpable collective energy than remotely and over zoom calls.  
Coven ritual

The Coven Code of Conduct: 

  1. I will not not conjure harm on others
  2. I will avoid conjuring in red light states unless to specifically transmute greens
  3. I will be mindful and respectful when using materials from nature in conjurings
  4. I will retain the privacy of members inside the coven 



Access a one of a kind coven of high level entrepreneurs and creatives looking creating impact and freedom in their lives.  Annual in-person retreats in vortexes around the world, discover advanced states of gnosis and local shamanic practices and experiences. 

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See you on the inside!


Feature image: Chicago Sun Times, 25 Sep 1969


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